Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spray Paint Goodness!

I was redoing my daughters room and found these adorable letters at Hobby Lobby. They have them in pink, black, and green. However those were not the colors in her room, and I have been LOVING this blue that seems to be so popular right now so I decided to go with that.
I started out by priming the letters and then I gave it a few good coats with the blue spray paint. Be sure to let the paint dry good in between coats and do light coats each time so you don't get running.

After the paint was all dry I took some black acrylic paint and lightly dabbed a foam brush into it. I then dabbed off the excess paint onto a sheet of paper so that I was doing dry painting to give the detail on the letters a distressed look.
I am loving them and Love how they pop with the black distressing.I liked them so much I made some for my sons room too with grey paint and black distressing.

The color possibilities are endless! Oh the Wonderful goodness of spray paint!

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  1. I am loving your blog, which I just discovered! Super cute ideas! PS I love the pay the black just makes the letters pop!