Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

Are you in need of a last minute St. Patrick's day craft? These are so simple and super easy to make. My daughter and I decided to take a break from baking yesterday and get our craft on instead. She absolutely loves to do crafts of any sort, so this was a nice mix up for us. We thought it would be fun to take these cute lil' pots of gold to our neighbor friends, but how fun would it be to have these sitting out for your kids on St. Patty's day morning and tell your kids that a leprechaun brought them a pot of gold! I think it's fun to try and get into the holiday spirit, even if it's just something really simple. 
St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold
Terra Cotta Clay pot
Black paint
Gold glitter paint
Paint brush
White Cardstock
Green Cardstock
2 in circle punch
Hot glue gun
Bakers twine
gold candy

Paint your entire pot black. While it is drying you will want to make your tags. To make those cut out 2 in circles with a circle punch. Either clean edge or scalloped would be cute. I put a thin layer of gold sparkle paint on top of the white cardstock to help incorporate a little more gold. With your green cardstock cut out little hearts. Each shamrock will need 3 hearts. Fold the hearts in half and put a strip of hot glue down the center of the back and glue to your circle. Do this to the remaining 2 hearts until you have your shamrock shape. Cut out a little stem and glue that on the circle as well. Once your pot is dry, tie some bakers twine around it and hot glue your circle on the front. Fill with gold candy. I used Hershey Nuggets, Gold coins, and Rolos. 

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