Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ruffled Onsie

I'm SO excited to share this sewing tutorial with you today. There is just something about baby items, especially little girl things that get me all giddy and excited.All the bows, bracelets, and cute clothes! I was over at my cousins house the other day and saw her daughter wearing this adorable onsie. I told her how much I adored it and she said that she had designed it and her sister in law sewed it for her. It has just the perfect touch to dress up any outfit. Don't think a plain colored onsie looks good with a skirt or jeans, add some RUFFLES! I couldn't resist making one for her little girl that will be born in just 2 short weeks!

Supplies Needed:
  • Fabric (I got 1/4 yard of interlock knit)
  • Cutting mat and rotary blade
  • Needles
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Measuring tool (Not sure what they are called)

First you are going to cut 2 strips length wise of the fabric. One strip will be 1.5in and the other will be 2 in. This is for a baby onsie so if you are making it for an older girls shirt you can always make the strips wider.
Fold over and iron your fabric 1/4 inch. The measuring tool pictured above really comes in handy.

On your machine do a straight stitch along the fold. I HIGHLY recommend using a walking foot to do this if you are using the interlock knit. It is a REALLY stretchy fabric.

On the opposite side you are going to want to make your ruffle. I LOVE using my ruffle foot to do my ruffles. I put it on a 1 so the ruffles would be really close together. If you don't have one you can always set your machine to the longest stitch length to do a basting stitch then pull the end of your threads to create your ruffle.
With your 2 inch piece of fabric fold over one end and sew it so that you have a nice clean edge.

Find the middle of the back of the onsie. Pin the clean edge down.
Follow it around the front and then back around to your starting point. Leave about an inch on the end and cut it. fold over the end and stitch it. Pin in place so its overlapping your starting point and sew it in place.
With your one inch strips cut them to the lengths you want so that each one gets shorter. Fold the edges over and stitch. Pin them in place and and sew. You can always start off with your shortest ruffle and then work your way up to the top too. Whichever way you feel is easiest. You can always use a cute cotton print or any color of the interlock knit. They would make shower gifts and the best thing is it only cost me about $4.00 to make.
Doesn't this just look adorable?! Now only if I had a sweet little newborn girl to put it on.
Now go print off your 50% off coupon to joanns and pick up some fabric, grab a onsie and get creative. Happy Sewing!
Ps I am new to the whole blogging/tutorial writting so bear with me if my posts don't make complete sense. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will try to respond asap.