Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flower Headbands

Oh boy, There is just something about little girls that have on cute little accessories that makes my heart smile. When my daughter was born she probably had a headband, and bracelet for every outfit til the day she wouldn't wear them anymore. That day made me sad. However I can't stop making the cute stuff. I always have to tell my husband that they make great baby shower gifts to justify my little shopping sprees at the ribbon store. A while back I was at a baby shower of my friends and she received the cutest little headband. The lady said she made it, so I thought to myself I should make one too! Ribbons and lace here in Mesa and Chandler, AZ is my best friend. They have elastic in every color and are now carrying all of these cute flower trims. I have also found them at Hobby Lobby and Joanns, and SAS.
Hot glue gun
button or decorative piece for the center

I made mine in order to fit a newborns head. I got 14 inches of elastic and 2 flowers from the ribbon roll. Don't you just love when they let you buy by the inch instead of by the yard.
You will want to put a big ol' fat glob of glue on one end of your elastic and fold the other end over on top so its overlapping a little bit.
Press down on it for a few seconds until it is pretty much dried.
Put another big glob of glue just to the side of the center and glue one flower on top. Leave a little gap and do the same on the other side.
Its really hard to see since its black on black but you will have the two flowers on top.
Get a button or gem of some sort to glue in the middle. This head band is so stinkin simple but SO cute! I had to see what it looked like on so my poor son had to model it for me. Now only if I had a little girl to wear these cute things.



  1. Hi! I love these, very cute. Im your newest follower, hopping over from I {heart} naptime. :) Have a great rest of the week.

  2. So sweet!!! Now if only my girl would actually keep something on her head.... :(